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Diablo 2 lod merc aura

diablo 2 lod merc aura

Thorns, combat (Hell Prayer. Allowed Equipment: Armor, Helms, Shields and Swords Notes: Iron Wolves very rarely hit anything with their weapon, so are best equipped with a sword that has spell-caster bonuses. Blinding, fleeing, amplify damage, etc. They do not benefit from class skills or skill tabs. Other theories are less imaginative. They're very popular for this reason. General Mercenary Facts - The mod: Prevent Monster Heal does not work on mercenaries. Desert Mercenary Names edit The names are randomly selected each time a list of mercs for hire is generated; the names do not have any connection to their other abilities or aura types. Mercenaries have inherent stats and bonuses as well, and can survive without quality equipment, though the combat mercs are basically harmless without a good weapon. Mercs hired in normal difficulty have better stats than those hired in Nightmare, and those are both better than those hired in Hell. Items that lower enemy resistance (such as the Crescent Moon runeword, facets, etc.) will benefit these mercs.

diablo 2 lod merc aura

So if your character kills everything before the merc gets a look in, the aura won't activate. It can be a little more complicated than what is stated above. Latest Diablo 3 News. Re: Merc auras stack?

Available Auras Normal: Combat Prayer Defensive Defiance Offensive Blessed Aim Nightmare: Combat Thorns Defensive Holy Freeze Offensive Might Hell: Combat Prayer Defensive Defiance Offensive Blessed Aim Act 3 Sorceress Merc - Do not have blocking animations. Another way to do this is to hold Shift and press 1,2,3, or 4 - which correspond to your belt slots. If your merc is wearing either Gold Find or Magic Find gear, you will receive those respective bonuses äta ute stockholm sommar to your drops when the merc makes a kill. The actual "character" level that you hire the merc at is irrelevant, only the difficulty you hire them in matters. Contents, mercenaries edit, there are four types of mercenaries, Rogues (Act 1 archers Town Guards (Act 2 spear carriers Iron Wolves (Act 3 sorcerers and Barbarians (Act 5 warriors). When defending, hirelings take 100 from all sources except other Hirelings, which. Iron Wolf Names edit There are quite a few tongue-twisting names available for Iron Wolves. As for other options, as Artless said, Act 3 Cold Mercs are great with FCR items, since they don't need mana they can spam their Ice moves all day freezing enemies. The exception is the Nightmare Act 2 mercs, which cannot be hired in Normal (or Hell). So, mana burn monsters will also not affect them. It has no effect at all.

Which Act 2 merc gives a defensive aura?
Diablo, iI : Lord of Destruction

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