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Das hat viele Gründe, die mit dem Kapitalismus im allgemeinen und den puritanischen Aspekten der schwedischen Gesellschaft im besonderen zu tun haben. Zu unseren Partnern gehören: Es..
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Lund shall continue to be a leader in sustainable mobility by creating more effective and sustainable transport systems and by focusing even more on the development of..
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Gamla uppsala museibutik

gamla uppsala museibutik

named for, an early Swedish king named Ubbo (Uppsala Ubbo's Hall who would have supposedly reigned. The great grave field south of the Royal Mounds is from the Roman Iron Age and the Germanic Iron Age. Religious importance edit Main article: Temple at Uppsala A composite model of Gamla Uppsala from throughout history, as exhibited at the local museum. Archived 26 November 2006 at the Wayback Machine. As long as his body is not found, the request of the people will be fulfilled. The stone building may have been preceded by a wooden church and probably by the large Temple at Uppsala. 18 The task was given to Bror Emil Hildebrand, 18 the director-general of the National Archives.

Gamla, uppsala museum Riksantikvarieämbetet
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12 Saxo Grammaticus adds that Freyr began the human sacrifices at Gamla Uppsala: Also Frey, the regent of the gods, took his abode not far from Uppsala, where he exchanged for a ghastly and infamous sin-offering the old custom of prayer by sacrifice, which had. 11 This tradition was also known by the Icelandic historian Snorri Sturluson, who, however had Odin reside in nearby Fornsigtuna, whereas the god Freyr lived in Gamla Uppsala. That nation has a magnificent temple, which is called Uppsala, located not far from the city of Sigtuna. For men of consequence a mound should be raised to their memory, and for all other warriors who had been distinguished for manhood a standing stone; which custom remained long after Odin's time.

History edit It is a testimony to the iF VP uppsala twitter sanctity of the location in the mindset of followers of medieval Norse religion that Gamla Uppsala was the last stronghold of pre-Christian, Norse Germanic kingship. 12 Freyr is also said to have founded two of the central institutions of Iron Age Sweden, the Uppsala öd and the Temple at Uppsala : Frey took the kingdom after Njord, and was called drot by the Swedes, and they paid taxes to him. What kind of tree it is nobody knows. The sacrifice is as follows; of every kind of male creature, nine victims are offered. This sacrifice takes place about the time of the vernal equinox.